Our Team

We have employees in families, schools, kindergartens and training centres in the Pinneberg district (e.g. Pinneberg, Wedel, Rellingen, Moorrege) and in Hamburg who are more than capable of fulfilling their tasks and some of whom have pedagogical and/or educational training. In the area of diabetes assistance, the relevant employees have received specialised diabetes training from the Altona Children’s Hospital in Hamburg.

All of them have gained experience in the care and education of children and young people in different areas.

Regular internal and external training ensures and expands professional expertise. We provide training in all relevant areas such as

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Legal basis
  • Tasks and limits of school counselling
  • Developmental phases of children
  • Child endangerment
  • Non-violent communication according to M. B. Rosenberg
  • Types of disability: post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and eating disorders
  • First aid

Our highly motivated team is qualified to meet the requirements in all cases, receives highly individualised support and assistance as well as needs-based instruction, which can also include, for example, the professional use of medical equipment that supports everyday life.