We care personally

Our employees in management and the business organisation are available to all parties involved in person, by telephone and by e-mail during and, in urgent cases, outside business hours.

Our experience spans more than 17 years in individual care, integration support and diabetes assistance in schools, nurseries and training centres. Many years of experience in the field of family support round off the picture.

The company is still based in Appen. In 2022, we also opened a branch at Osterholder Allee 2, 25421 Pinneberg, where the personnel recruitment and company administration departments are based.

Our managing director and our authorised signatory have learnt their tasks from the ground up. Today, they are responsible for staff recruitment, staff deployment and communication with the specialised services of the district of Pinneberg.

We are supported by experienced social pedagogues in all matters of social pedagogy. They provide valuable support and input on all issues relating to social pedagogy, education, school and teaching, family support and much more.

In the area of corporate management and organisation, the managing director, the management assistant and the office management specialist handle all tasks that are important in corporate management and control. These include, for example, occupational health and safety, training, data protection, controlling, taxes, personnel administration, benefit and payroll accounting, accounting, payment transactions and much more.

Regular coaching sessions support our employees in coping with the quite demanding tasks involved in looking after young people and families.

In the area of training and further education, we were able to recruit a competent speaker who has been training and further educating people who want to become or are active in the area of child, youth and family support for many years.